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Modular ERP Helps in Global Business Expansion

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Infoway

With the passage of time, Small and medium sized business organizations or enterprises are becoming more and more active players in the international market. The reason can easily be attributed to facts like technological advancement and reduced difficulty to international trade. However, the challenge of network building with subsidiaries continues to exists, especially with different business unit functioning in diverse environment.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to preserve a specific set of master data that would help manage specific business functions like communications and reporting and benchmarking (KPIs). Well, the solution rests with modular ERP software. This particular software incorporating business processes, operates in a single infrastructure of IT. It usually provides the source to the truth and supports an effective flow of organizational information.

Challenges of Incorporating a Modular ERP Software

Well, a number of challenges exist when it comes to incorporating ERP software in organizations. Here is a look -
  1. ERP projects usually takes longer time to finish and even cost more than expected
  2. Most often, properly facilitated organizations find it tough to realize the anticipated business benefits successfully.
  3. Mostly, it has been seen that multinational corporations and large organizations usually embrace an implementation of modular ERP software throughout the organization for its complexity.

Now, smaller enterprises that do embrace ERP successfully at their main location can find it tough to expand their central system across different sites. Foreign subsidiaries usually come with different needs catering to both the terms of local legislation, language, and culture and business process of employment.

Well, to make ERP more relevant in terms of business interest of smaller enterprises in relation to international operations, vendor of middle tier are now providing a modular ERP software. This particular solution available at affordable costs allows the small and medium enterprises to widen their integration of the software solution in each step without weakening the same.

In some cases, the reach of the ERP is extended against the idea of stretching, as and when required. Since, the software is easy to implement and offers an affordable and faster solution to service needs, smaller enterprises can now easily expand their business operation or system in coordination with the responses and varied needs of market demands.

Why Go Ahead with Modular ERP Software Implementation

In earlier times, an increasing number of small and medium business organizations use to rely on spreadsheets and other non-connected systems for offering a support to international growth. Well, the risks that were attached to this particular approach are multiple. The reason is simple; manual processes are always prone to errors and mistakes. Additionally, it also makes it tough to compare between data preserved in other systems or spreadsheet. On the other hand, if all sites use a similar system, it becomes easy to maintain a collected database and report alongside easily reconciling definitions.

A modular ERP software and integrated web services make it easier to develop a cross-border hyperlinked support to provide the small and medium business organizations with a complete view of their business. It brings together different information in a single organization-wide system. This makes it easier for users to gather a collective project insight, share planning and documents that would further help reap benefit from a structured workflow assuring complete clarity of ownership.

Smaller enterprises today, need not fear of thinking big with ERP . The modular ERP software solution of today offer an empowered functionality at an affordable price along with the flexibility of wide scaling, as necessary for developing an effective, affordable and swift implementation of ERP.

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