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Customer is the King in 2013 ERP Trend Prediction

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Infoway

Enterprise software trends have always witnessed a wide range of predictions at the onset of each year. Be it an obvious or least expected one, organizations can hardly think of going ahead without embracing the trends in the field of ERP solution.

Now, when it comes to predictions of ERP software trends, most often the forecast is seen to settle towards industry dynamics, advancing technologies, and theoretical economics leaving aside the most essential element of business growth - the customers. However, it is most essential that the trend in the field of ERP solution inclines a bit towards the customer side.

ERP Software Trends - 2013 Predictions

Well, let us have a quick glance at the predictions of ERP software trends focusing a bit more on the customer side -
  1. The fast-paced customer driven change in the new-age of development will trigger maximum Fortune 500 companies to reassess and re-evaluate their ERP strategies
    Social media, cloud computing, and mobile development are getting together to offer customers a better perception and communication of their needs, interests, and preferences. Maximum ERP software system that are presently in use are hardly designed to keep up to the growing trends and changing pace of customer needs and interests. So, companies eyeing continuous growth through their customers must look forward to re-evaluating their existing ERP solution.

  2. High-performing CIOs will renew dated ERP software system and generate a customer-focused ERP solution alongside standing out at change management
    Well, the future most certainly belongs to enterprises who can swiftly handle challenging tasks and adapt to changes with much agility. CIOs who will be delivering such tasks swiftly alongside offering profits in gross margins for the companies are sure to emerge a winner in the field of enterprise computing and IT.

  3. Quality ratings of ERP software system by internal customers will be a routine involving a proper performance feedback on ERP
    The idea might seem challenging, but it is essential for enterprises to throw open a feedback form to the customers in regard to the performance of the ERP software system. This would allow the organizations to delve deep into the world of the customer and understanding their needs and requirements. It would allow the enterprises to determine the needs of the customers, things to be done for improving the business performance, and the way the customers are to be served.

  4. ERP software systems designed on clear explanation of customer's role will go beyond the ones designed on features solely
    One of the influencing trend in the field of ERP solution, this has been already creating a name in the industry. The reason is simple; feature-based ERP software system are not open to fast modification in the face of the changing world of today. Few simple questions like - what is the base of the ERP solution and why is such a base stands as the fastest ways of determining the success quotient of a ERP software.

  5. Responsiveness and speed emerge as a "must have" for customers, as it easily makes real-time possible through tech-integration and mobility platforms.
    This particular trend in the field of ERP software system stands as the unified need of customers across the world. Moreover, it has also come up to be a growing need of the enterprises. In this age of advancement speed and responsiveness stand as the new feature with customers driving the need immensely in the agenda of maximum enterprise computing companies.

With such ERP solution trends in pursuit, enterprises sticking to inflexible and monolithic ERP software system must look forward to re-evaluating their existing strategies for holding onto the name in the market and edging past the competitors.

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