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Building an Improved Web Application for your Business

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by Infoway

Are you getting worried about building a web application that would work just fine in all environments. After all, proper web application development is not an easy task, as an application developed poorly will hardly be of any use for the business. Developing an application for the web should always comply with the business need of a particular organization, whether big or small.

Web Application Development - 3 Keys to a Smooth Development Strategy

Building an application that works perfectly for any business environment is certainly not the end of task. You must make sure that the application runs smoothly for all sorts of business needs. Therefore, finding the approach that would suit the development process catering to the business interest is much essential. Here is a quick look at the success secrets that help making the process of web application development smoother -
  • The focus must always lay with tasks of the user and not the features
  • Avoid trying to solve everything that might crop up in the process
  • Make sure to ask questions at much initial stage
  • Focus on user tasks and not features

A detailed look at the success secrets of proper web application development

  1. Focus on the Task of the User
    When you have been assigned with the task of developing a web application, you must make it a point to do just that. Avoid getting into other facets of the business like solving a problem or make task completion easy for a user. All that you must focus on is build an application and add some specific features to the same. In the process, you can consider making user testing a essential part of the web application development process.

  2. Avoid Trying Solving Everything
    When the focus rests with development of a web application, it is essential for you to know about the business goals and needs of a particular user. After your people gets to see the potentiality of the application, suggestion of ideas in regard to new functionalities become a common process. Now, the problem rests with the fact that each new feature invites more complexity, which can lessen the effectiveness of the application. Therefore, the key must lie with making a simple start. Things that you must remember are -
    • Make the application expandable
    • Technology is not always the answer
    • Control your Main Performance Indicators
    • Avoid overreacting to the feedback of the user

  3. Ask Questions Early
    When it is about web application development, surprises definitely do not hold the key. You must ensure having all the facts set from the start. The trick lies in knowing the question prior to beginning with the development task. Here is a look at the questions that you must place at the beginning of the development process -
    • What about the hosting environment
    • What is the authentication process of user
    • What is the process of data back-up
    • Is there any availability of legacy data

As it is known that every application on the web poses new challenges; therefore the key must always lie with identifying the mistakes and discovering the main issues. Be it about maintaining a focus on the need of the user, taking up a simple approach, or putting up the right questions, web application development should always be seen as a collective process.

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