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Creating a User-Friendly Website - Steps to Follow

Posted on Jan 21, 2013 by Infoway

Is it essential to design a website that is user-friendly? Well, it is; after all, in today's age of advancement, people tend spend more time online than in any other engagement. Such a change in people's behavior itself says why it is essential to have a user-friendly website ensure better business in your favor. Just the fact that you are quite happy with the look of your website isn't doing any favor or helping the business cause in any way.

A good appearance certainly helps in drawing the attention of the consumer, but it hardly holds any influence in making the visitor stay put in your website. This is where the role of user-friendliness comes into forefront. If you do not have a user-friendly website then, there is absolutely no sense in wasting money for hosting that particular website.
So, when user-friendliness rank as a priority, every business must focus on the key components of -
  1. Knowing the user
  2. Seeing through the eye of the user

If your website is blessed with a structured interface, it can turn out to be qualitative and money-generating tool. From driving traffic to your business and assuring a stay of the visitors on your web pages for a longer period.

So, what makes for a great user-interface?

Well, when it comes to designing a user-friendly website, a lot of factors tend to play a collective role in determining the success of the same. Let us have a quick look at the qualities that you must imbibe for making your website user-friendly -
  1. A good layout focusing on the essential and relevant information is a must. You must neither opt for an empty nor a cluttered layout.
  2. It is essential that you give much attention towards the load time of your website. After all, a website with a fast load time easily is sure to strike a chord with the user.
  3. Make proper use of menus; the focus must lay on making navigation easier for the users to your website.
  4. Content is the king. A striking website without any information lacks appeal. You must ensure the presence of quality content in your site for enhanced user-friendliness.

When can you Call a Website User-Friendly?
Well, if your website is blessed with the following characteristics, it straightaway falls into the category of user-friendly website -
  • Effective orientation and navigation
  • Competent and appropriate functionality
  • Access to support and help
  • A homepage without jargons
  • Proper visual clarity and accessibility
  • Proper error management and user control

When it comes to designing a user-friendly website, you will be quite delighted to incorporate the above-mentioned tactics and strategies. After all, when people develops an interest in seeing and reading through your website along with a great navigation, they are most likely to pass on the name of your website thereby, making the popularity higher with time.

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