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Mobile Web Development - Important Guidelines to Follow

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by Infoway

The world of mobile has witnessed great development in recent times in the market. Now, such a development has not only triggered a new line of hope for the consumers, but also the businesses. While, things have become easier for the users, the recent surge has posed multiple challenges for businesses having an online presence.

Mobile web development has become the primary need of the hour, as today accessing Internet for the users has become easier than ever; thanks to the frequent development of iPhone, Android, and other Smartphone.
Now, prior to starting with mobile web development, every business must consider certain key points regarding the mobile users -

To begin with, businesses must conduct a review of the stats of their OS.

This helps in examining the mostly visited and important pages of your website. Additionally, it also lets you know about the city/state/country that is driving maximum traffic to your website. On the other hand, you must also ensure checking the usage of the keyword offering an access to your site. Determining such analytics is sure to help you in the process of mobile web development thereby, ensuring positive results for your business.

Developing a Mobile Compatible Website - Things to Remember

Here is a quick glance at the aspects that you must keep in mind while going ahead with the process of developing a website just for mobile devices -
  1. Be Aware of the Profile of your Users
    Prior to developing a mobile compatible website, it is important for you to know about your users.
    • Mobile users always come with different needs against desktop users
    • Always put yourself in the shoes of mobile user while developing a website
    • Develop the website in coordination to the interest of your target audience

    Analyzing and determining the profile of the target audience helps in the process of mobile web development.
  2. Reduce the Use of Images
    Excessive use of images is never sought to be a practical approach for mobile websites for reasons like -
    • Takes time to load
    • Requires fresh HTTP connection always
    • Resizing the image gets difficult owing to different resolutions
      However, if you still wish to use images, ensure using CSS Sprite as it helps reducing the load time.

  3. Avoid Relying on JavaScript
    When it comes to securing a mobile web development accommodating all browsers, being dependent on JavaScript is never an answer. Why? Here are the answers -
    • Mobile browsers do not offer a good support to JavaScript
    • Mini browsers, for e.g., Opera Mini also offer a very poor support to JavaScript

    However, it is expected that such issues will be resolved in the coming years with the advent of Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices.
  4. Do not Go ahead with Drop-Downs
    While developing a mobile compatible website, you must ensure avoiding drop-downs and fly-outs in the website -
    • These work best for a desktop user, as it allows easy navigation through the cursor
    • You can consider using a notch for a drop-down, but it works in rare occasions

    Therefore, it is always advisable to avoid going with such technicalities.
  5. Vertical and Horizontal Layouts
    An increasing number of mobile websites now feature both vertical and horizontal layouts for their websites; however, such layouts only work for Android and iPhone devices and not all Smartphone.
    • In mobile web development, you must always embrace the single column approach
    • It allows easy scroll for users in single direction i.e. vertical, as it is mostly expected by users
    • Images must also support vertical scrolling

    Therefore, if you wish ensuring smooth functioning of your mobile website in all devices, you must always give a miss to the combination of vertical and horizontal layouts.

Incorporating the above-mentioned guides in relation to mobile web development is sure to pave a success route for your business.

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