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Development Portfolio


It is a Advance level Blog website in UAE. The website allows user to subscribe different other blogs on basis of International Alexa Rank and Local Alexa Rank. The website includes lots of Other rich internet application features which makes the website so popular.

Technology: Wordpress, Mysql, HTML, Javascript, Jquery
Working field: Blog Website

Usta yemek tarifleri

Usta yemek tarifleri is a Turkish word which means Master of Recipes. This webiste allows user to create profile and add new Recipes, Preparation procedure on their profile and share that to other. The website allows social features as well by which user can follow other user, can rate on any Recipe etc.

Technology: Wordpress, Mysql, HTML, Javascript, Jquery
Working field: Recipes Sharing Social Site

Merci Odeal

Merci odeal is a Deal website which allows User to share Good deals from other websites. It includes a Very logical and Mathematical Point system on basis of different User activity. As well as the website has lots of other functions like most activate user, Contest, Prize and etc.

Technology: PHP, Codeigniter, Mysql, Java Script, Jquery, AJAX, HTML5
Working field: Deal Website

Cours en Ligne

Cours En Lingne is a French word which Means Online Courses. It's a Advance level of Online Course Website for Different category of Courses Like Technology, Math, History, Biology and etc. Each course has multiple phases and each phase has multiple of Modules. Overall it's a Great scope of a Teacher to represent their Classed to Students through this website. And the most important features of this website is all of the Files will store directly on Amazon S3, That's why the website is so fast and Quick loading.

Technology: PHP, Codeigniter, Amazon S3, Mysql, Java Script, Jquery, AJAX, HTML5, Amazon S3
Working field: Online Course


Icorner is for Football Lovers who love football and Played very well but don't have team to play. Icorner helps to interact with others, Sharing skills, Chat with any one and like this way a Person a Built a Team. The functionality is not stooped yet. Icorner gives you more option to find a team, and challenge for a match. IN a Single word it's a Power pack website for Football Lovers.

Technology: PHP, Codeigniter, Mysql, Java Script, Jquery, AJAX, HTML5
Working field: Sports Social Networking

Get Malas

The website is for Rent Different type of Bags. User can register on the website to rent a Bag when they are going for a Trip but bag is not available in Home.

Technology: Wordpress, Woocommerce, Mysql, HTML , Javascript, Jquery
Working field: Bag Rental Shop

Globe Recycle

The website is a Scrap Trading website. User can trade to each other for different type of Scrap Material. The website also included a Escrow system to be sure about getting paid for Delivery. In the same way if any user don't deliver a Material then another person can claim his money back.

Technology: Wordpress, Mysql, HTML , Javascript, Jquery
Working field: Scrap Trading

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