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Web and Software Development Terms:

  • Your email finalizing your project should contain your exact requirements. In case of design, please send in your requirements like color scheme, design theme, structure drawings, references etc. at the beginning of your project through our design specification form.
  • Please send in all your requirements at one time. You may take one or two days extra before finalizing the requirements, but please ensure that you do not increase the work by redefining additional features or design needs. In case you do so, there may be extra man-hour charges and possibly deadline extensions.
  • If you send more than one reference site as examples of work you like, please send details about what sections of which site you wish to put in your work. For specification, you can also mark out and send screenshots. That will give us better preparation to complete your project.
  • Only after getting your exact requirements can we specify the completion date of the project.
  • Communication should be on a regular basis throughout your project. If you do not communicate within 48 hours during the project (as certain milestones require your feedback) we may stop working on your project. We always have other projects with deadline commitments that will require our project manager and developer's attention. In that case, some extra facilities will be given if you are a regular client.
  • After viewing the demo version deposit will required of 50% of the agreement price.
  • After viewing the demo version, if you require changes, please send us all proposed changes in one email (if possible with screenshots).
  • After your final approval, further changes will not normally be made. In case of design and web development, if significant changes are requested after approval, there may be extra man-hour charges applied with project deadlines extended.
  • For projects with value greater than $1,000: 25% of the total project cost need to deposit.
  • For projects with value less than $1,000: 50% of the total project cost need to deposit.
  • We always try to complete all projects as soon as possible. If you as a client do not communicate with us in a timely manner, including sending of the required source files, we are not responsible for resulting project deadline extensions.
  • Our office is closed on weekends. We attempt to reply to each email within 48 business hours. If you do not get any response within this time, please call us at our toll free number.
  • Any technical difficulties (like ISP problems, power faults, flood, earthquake, fire or other natural disasters) outside of our control will not be considered the fault of Infoway.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us - Click Here and we will be happy to assist you.

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