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Infoway Is On Cloud Server

by Infoway | Jul 27, 2010

Infoway ever moves forward adapting the latest technologies. When the world is embracing cloud hosting services, how can Infoway keep aloof! It has also transferred its hosting services to cloud server hosting. Infoway previously worked on cloud for clients and now it has embraced the cloud service for itself.

Now why is this shift on cloud server hosting? There are some interesting and strong reasons for using cloud server hosting.

  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable. There is no limitation in using server space. The server space can be increased or decreased just like demand and control of electricity grid.

  • In cloud memory, processors, and bandwidth allocations are high. So it makes data or the resources quickly available through its network.

  • Cloud provides security against the data loss. In cloud server hosting all the data is mirrored across multiple servers. So there is less or no possibility of data loss.

  • There is less chance of faulty service for hardware damage. The cloud is cluster of hardware together in different centers. So complete breakdown of services is hardly possible and partial breakdown is easy to recover to maintain uninterrupted service.

  • The software used in cloud is genuine and available. So there is no problem due to misuse or piracy of software. Customer also gets more freedom in usage of software.

  • Cloud is affordable. Always users pay on usage, no extra burden and buy out of additional space easy. This keeps space surplus as anybody just buys on demand.

These are few main features of the cloud server hosting that is typically luring and positively supporting the cause of better hosting. Even bandwidth never causes problem as there is surplus. So a being a leading web development company, Infoway has to adapt to the latest and most viable feature of the cloud hosting service.

So for handling all web development services hosted on cloud, Infoway is the best web development company to offer projects to. As a leading web design firm and web development company, we have already worked with international clients who use cloud server hosting. We assure cent percent satisfaction on all website development and design projects to be structured for cloud server hosting.

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