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At Infoway Labs, we work with open source modules as well as implementing new innovative ideas, programming tools and software technologies. For open source modules we utilize Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. Our engineers and designers also work on mobile web based applications for smart phones, tablets, and notebooks. Our research engineers are working day and night to develop advanced plug-ins to continue increasing the functionality of the open source applications. Our R&D department works on each of these modules to deliver continuous improvements and optimum performance.

Our proficient web designers, research engineers and testers continue researching the latest features that are being used for designing and developing innovative web applications. Wallpapers, screensavers, desktop themes & customized desktop enhancement tools are developed for the promotion of our websites. These promotional products are distributed free for you to access here:

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Software Tool Development
Browser Tools
Opera Widgets.
Safari, Chrome Plug-in.
Internet Explorer Add-on.
Firefox Extension/Themes.
Custom solutions
HRM Tool
Collaboration tool
Billing management system
Sales force and customer support Automation.
Mobile Application
Rich Web Applications.
Rich Mobile Applications.
SMS Application Development.
iPhone Themes & Icon Designs.
Open source web application
Wordpress Plug-ins.
Drupal Modules.
Joomla Extensions.
Magento Extensions.
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