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Paypal Clone Script

Hi Engineers,

Can you please offer help in developing a Paypal clone script?

Thank You


On the very first note, we would like to thank you for exhibiting a genuine interest towards our clone script service provided by us. However, owing to a turn of events, we are sorry to inform you that the Paypal clone script, which was readily available sometime back, is not open to ready availability, at present.
The popularity of using a secured payment gateway, like Paypal has triggered everyone to build a Paypal clone script. Due to this demand, the clone script, which was once available with us has been sold out most recently. What is more concerning is the fact the script has been sold with the exclusive copyright to the prospective client; hence, we cannot possible resell the clone script of Paypal restricted by ethical regulations.
However, the fact that you cannot avail the clone script readily does not mean that you cannot have your hands ever on the Paypal clone. Our developers are always at your service with the provision of developing a custom made Paypal clone script for you at competitive market rates. Moreover, you also get to have the copyright of the script. Please contact our sales team (sales@infoway.us) for more information.

Best Regards,
Infoway LLC Team

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