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Facebook clone script

Facebook Clone

Hi Engineers,

Can you please offer help in developing a Facebook clone, which can be integrated to a Social networking site?

Thank You



Good wishes from Infoway LLC.

On a very first note, we would like to convey our heartiest thanks for showing your interest on the service of clone script provided by us. Now, this is to inform that we are extremely sorry, as we are unable to precede your request of Facebook clone script with immediate effect.

The Facebook clone that is present in our site has been sold out and hence is not available readily, as it was even a few days back. What binds us in the prospect of reselling the script available is that it has been sold with the exclusive copyright. Now, it stands beyond ethical regulation to resell the script. The growing popularity of Facebook has indeed accounted for the growing demand of the Facebook clone.
Now, the fact that we cannot resell you the script available does not mean that you cannot have your hands on the clone script. Our developers can readily develop a custom made Facebook clone script just for you and that too with the exclusive copyright of the same. Please contact our sales team (sales@infoway.us) for more information.

Best Regards,
Infoway LLC Team

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