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Viral Marketing Techniques: Your Secret Weapon

Posted on Sep 27, 2010 by Infoway

Marketing is the most essential part of any business. One of its parts is spreading. More the spreading is, more is the revenue generation. We know how virus multiplies itself when enters into living organism. Today marketing has become the same and also named as viral marketing techniques. Infoway, a web development company, has a team of professionals who know how effectively viral marketing strategies can be used.

Now how viral marketing techniques can be secret weapon! Every company has some marketing strategies. When a company chooses viral marketing strategies, the intention is to use it on potential customers without their knowledge. In other words doing marketing (under veil) that spreads fast like virus. Now let us see how the viral marketing tactics or viral marketing techniques work like a secret weapon but with great effect:

  • The first thing in viral marketing tactics is to offer free services. Companies, say a web development company, offers free programming scripts, or ready made templates to use. Users use these and return again being tempted. So isn't it a great viral marketing tactics to increase site traffic?

  • The use of articles in effective way is one of the tested viral marketing strategies. Articles can be published in several article directories and it helps in getting visitors. Some companies offer to use articles (without tamper) for free and it help getting backlinks. It is really effective as a successful viral marketing tactics.

  • Use of social media for spread of presence is one of the great parts of viral marketing techniques. Social contacts with similar businesses, companies can increase traffic to the site. It is regarded one of the coolest viral marketing strategies.

  • "Word of mouse (mouth)" is a famous term associated with viral marketing techniques or the viral marketing strategies. In this process articles, pictures or anything are spread down stream from a sender to the end receivers. It can really generate huge traffic to your site. Hotmail is classic example of word of mouse (mouth) and it has inspired all other viral marketing tactics.

  • The newsletter service and other email process are also viral marketing techniques. Through newsletters customers are given really knowledgeable information. And they are asked to find more relevant information. This is one of the best viral marketing tactics to draw traffic if properly used.

  • Affiliated marketing is also one of the fruitful viral marketing strategies. In this process a related business promotes another business. These viral marketing tactics are done basically with placing advertisements of higher revenue generating sites on comparatively less revenue generating sites.

  • Blog writing and forum commenting is considered as one of the fruitful viral marketing strategies. We all know commenting in blog is not easy and at the same time the comments has to be valuable. Same thing applies to the forum. But proper comments bring back users to your website and you start reaping the fruits of these viral marketing tactics slowly.

  • Link building can be one of the great viral marketing techniques, if used intelligently. Every online business has to have a webmaster to maintain the site and build links. If the webmasters can weave a net of links the spread becomes viral and very much effective as one of the viral marketing strategies.

  • RSS (really simple syndication) is the new tool in viral marketing tactics. When it first came into existence, it was only used for news services. But slowly it is being used everywhere to spread information and news for all kinds of businesses. And it is really working successfully as viral marketing strategies.

With the above information, hope you could understand how viral marketing strategies (without direct approach to the potential customers or the users) can market your business. But remember, be patient towards the output of viral marketing techniques. The process is a little lengthy approach.

Infoway has an online marketing and SEO team which knows how to apply several viral marketing tactics. Once you offer us your online business promotion, you could really see the great positive effects of viral marketing techniques employed by us.

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