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Trademark Registration

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 by Infoway

One of the most widely followed steps in developing a unique identity of your business is to get trademark registration. There are a variety of items that can act as a trademark like words, names, images, label etc. It doesn't only help in developing a unique identity of the company products but also acts as a company signature. The first step in getting a trademark for your products is to conduct an extensive search. Before filing for trademark registration in your States Patent and Trademark office, you can hire specialized search companies who on your behalf can conduct the search. It costs around 325$ to file for electronic trademark registration in Unites States of America. Even after registration if the trademark is not in active use for three to five years in most jurisdictions, then your rights will cease to operate.

Infoway is a leading web development company which provides world class web development services to its clients and customers. We have already got our trademark registration to help everyone find us distinct among the crowd of web design and development service providers. Let's take a look at some of the eminent advantages of getting a trademark:

  • Gives your business a unique identity.

  • Helps to establish undisputed ownership of the trademarked products.

  • Helps to gain reputation and goodwill.

  • Give recognition to your trademark by publishing it in the database of States Patent and Trademark office and protects your trademarked items legally from any sort of infringement.

  • Whether it is about a competitor or non-competitor, trademarked items are always protected.

  • Domain name protection from cybersquatters.

  • Provides advantages when you need to sue your case in the court for trademark infringement.

  • Any sort of fees arising out of trademark infringement like damages done to you, benefits earned by the infringer, fees of the attorney can be easily recovered.

  • After five years of continuous use under most jurisdictions, your trademark becomes incontestable.

  • Registered trademarks can be easily registered in foreign countries.

  • Exclusion of imports having infringing trademarks by Bureau of Customs.

  • Trademark rights last for a really long time generally for ten years with easy renewal process.

  • Trademarked items are protected in PPC advertising from any misuse.

  • Monopoly rights associated with trademark registration make it more important than registration of business name.

Though different countries have their own trademark laws but trademark registration under an international system like "Madrid System" is always preferred. You can get your trademark protected under many jurisdictions just with the payment of one set of fees and any changes or renewal of rights will be extended to all the applicable jurisdictions and have the future prospect of applicability in additional member jurisdictions. So, hurry up and get a trademark for your business today!

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