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SSL Application

Posted on Aug 05, 2009 by Infoway

Security threats during the transmission of private data like credit card numbers have been the biggest concern among the online community. Came to their rescue was Netscape by conceiving the idea of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL application uses public and private keys to encrypt the data. Data encrypted through SSL can be transmitted securely over the internet. Those URLs which support SSL start with "https". So, if you own a website that requires exchange of private data with your customers like shopping site, then you would definitely like to secure the process.

However at Infoway, a web development company, we always advise our clients to use SSL for high-end e-commerce website development or sites that deal with sensitive data handling. Let see what the eminent advantages of using SSL Application are:

  • Support secure transmission of sensitive data

  • Easy to setup

  • Sites secured through SSL win the trust of the customers

  • Supported by a majority of web servers

  • No extra software need to be installed in the client computer

  • Message integrity is maintained

  • Most web browsers support SSL application

  • SSL accelerators and offloaders speeds up the process of transaction

So, be prepared to get your very own SSL certificate if you want to win the trust of your customers and expand your business, you should use the SSL application in your site. For your information we must tell you that nowadays shared SSL certificates are also available. If you are a small business owner and do not want to bare the cost of individual certificate, a shared one is a good solution for you! But remember you have to find out a web development company that can render one of the important web development services of integrating the certificate successfully in your site; otherwise all your investment in this regard may go in vain for sure. Hope you are ready to secure your site's right!

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