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Current Market Trend In Research Labs

Posted on Aug 14, 2009 by Infoway

Every organization has their own research labs where they work on newest technologies, applications, innovative ideas not only to support improved user experience but also to stay one step ahead of their competitors by providing something to their customers which their competitors haven't yet thought of. We have ransacked some of the renowned research labs to conglomerate the latest market research trend in these research labs.

Infoway is a web design and web development company and just like other leading companies it has its own research lab. In the research lab of Infoway, it ever tries to set and go with newer research trend! The reason behind such process is to provide its clients with best web development services.

Below are some of the hot topics or the research trend on which researchers all across the globe are constantly brainstorming at present:

  • New outlook and different approach in case of conventional caching system. In case of contextual advertising, similarity caching is one of the best tools to support ads. Currently Yahoo! researchers are working on this research trend - similarity caching- to make it more effective and improving user experience.

  • Google is constantly improving on its machine translation process supporting translation of text and web pages into different languages.

  • Research on natural language processing by Microsoft is aimed at developing a language which will aid humans to communicate with a computer in colloquial lingo.

  • Contextual advertising - an innovative mechanism that displays ads to the users not only on the basis of just keywords but also on the overall concept of the page. Yahoo! is striving hard to make it more effective.

  • Gaming is the latest buzzword in the cyber world and a very interesting research trend to talk about. Microsoft has been carrying on extensive research in applied games making significant contributions to the society.

  • Research on hardware devices like robots and sensors is also very popular and no new research trend to mention. Yet the research labs are ever coming out with various successful results in this field.

  • Research on artificial intelligence and computer vision is a really worth mentioning and emerging research trend and many big companies like Microsoft and Google are associated with it.

  • Royal Jelly project by Yahoo! is based on recommendations on topics that might interest specific users in social networking sites.

  • Security threat is one of the biggest headaches of the technocrats. Many big organizations are involved in extensive research work on database security, cryptography and secure data transmission over network.

  • Spam - one of the most irritating thing to any online user. To get rid of these junk mails, Yahoo! formed Sparta. The spam research task force is working hard to develop an innovative spam filtering mechanism.

  • Last but not the least research trend is the research on cloud computing. Microsoft is targeting at improving the performance of networked computers and devices.

Infoway has its own research lab where dedicated research engineers work tirelessly in making our hi-tech web applications more and more user friendly. The latest research trend in Infoway research lab is development of clones on all large sites - Google, Yahoo answers, YouTube and others. You too can contribute with your own innovative research ideas and our engineers will work on the most popular ones.

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