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Copyright Policy

Posted on Aug 13, 2009 by Infoway

The concept of copyright was conceived long back to protect "original work" from unauthorized publication, duplication or transmission. Over the years, it has not only gained momentum but has become stricter in this internet era where any sort of data is highly vulnerable to duplicity. Many of us are under the notion that whatever is on the internet is free and can be copied. Well, things are not that easy. Infringement on others 'trademark' or 'service mark' work can lead to copyright policy violation. Though copyright has an international standard, many countries tailor it according to their own demands. Every work whether a literary or musical composition may fall under this policy.

At Infoway we come across several clients who come with several misconceptions about copyright policy! They ask us how Infoway can protect their projects or its own web development services from piracy! Some even ask if they really have to protect their works with copyright policy! Whatever, let's take a look at some of the misconceptions regarding the law:

  • An item without a copyright mark is not copyrighted - no more a reality

  • Copying only a portion of others work is legal. Not necessary. Whether the copy falls under fair use or not depends upon the circumstances

  • Free work doesn't fall under this policy - whether free or charged any original work is copyrighted

  • You can copyright ideas. Not exactly

  • Copyright policy violation is a small issue. Watch out! Laws are very strict today and it is no more difficult to prove infringement

  • Names or titles can be copyrighted. Wrong notion

  • Any derivative work is copyrighted - before the derivative work becomes a reality, you need to get prior permission from the author

  • No money can be charged as compensation for copyright violation - not only it can cost you huge monetary loss but can also land you up in jail

  • Email is not copyrighted - every written piece of work is copyrighted

  • Intention is good, free advertising of the work giving due credit to the author - you may not be welcomed and so you always need to get prior permission

  • Infoway as one of the leading web development company who takes all care to protect the works (images, text and all sort of content) from piracy. We do not encourage the "copy-paste" and seriously take concern to protect our clients from any kind of mishaps arising out of copyright policy violation.

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