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by Infoway | Sep 20, 2011

It is very sad that the global economy is still suffering from the heat of recession. Thousands of people lose job. The employers are also pushed on the back foot in keeping their companies running! Now you must be thinking why these sentimental talk ...

by Infoway | Sep 14, 2011

In every aspect of life we have to communicate with people all over the world. Now the moment it comes to service clients, we find the communication gets a new term attached to it - "effective communication". Nowadays it is found that companies are f ...

by Infoway | Aug 09, 2011

Nowadays people are too much professional! The word "professionalism" is being tried to be implemented "verbatim". As a result the relation between the employees and the employer becomes mechanical (creating a resistance against outcome of some innov ...

by Infoway | Jul 30, 2011

Every company should have its own recruitment policy. But due to the upheaval in the economy almost every company has to change the recruitment process or the policy even. How we may forget the recent recession in the world economy. It has effects of ...

by Infoway | Jul 18, 2011

It is very obvious that as a job seeker you would like to know how to submit your resume to various companies. And you always hope that every time there will be some positive responses from the other sides. But it is a bitter truth t ...

by Infoway | Jul 11, 2011

While we have agreed to the verdict of Darwin - "survival of the fittest" in this world, we have to agree that in the world of work or service there is no doubt that only "professionals" survive! Now you may be thinking how to count yourself as profe ...

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